It is normal to experience anger

Anger is not something you can just ‘get rid of’ or use a ‘magic wand’ to eliminate.  However while you cannot cure anger it can be manged.  Effective therapy to manage anger is something we can help you with.

Therapies we can provide for anger issues

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT)

One of the most common approaches to Anger disorders is CBT.  This treatment can help an angry person to recognise the self-defeating thoughts that may be the cause of their explosive outbursts. 

CBT helps an individual to:

  1. Cope with difficult situations
  2. Resolve conflict in relationships more positively
  3. Deal with grief more positively
  4. Handle emotional stress better and emotionally led anger more positively

CBT therapy will be structured around an individual’s personal needs and will be guided by evidence based testing.

CBT is a short-term approach and can last for 6 – 20 sessions depending on what type of anger needs to be managed.