Getting on with each other
Relationship Counselling is not just about helping when things go really bad, no matter what the situation is that you are facing, no matter how trivial, we can help.

We at Stepping-stones-together provide a caring and supportive environment using a face-to-face, confidential, non-judgemental and non-confrontational approach.

Our goal is to try and achieve a positive outcome for you whether on a one-one basis or a couples basis.

Our sessions will be tailored to your unique circumstances and needs, we do not use a one fits all approach.

Once an appointment has been arranged a Professional Consultation will take place with a trained Professional, who based on discussion and questions and answers will advise on what your needs may be.  At this stage of the consultation future sessions will be discussed.  The opportunity to ask questions will be available at the consultation and it will also help with the formulation and treatment pathways for future sessions.

There are never 100% guarantee’s that Counselling will solve all relationship difficulties or concerns, but it may help you to see things differently and help you to make decisions on moving forward and making positive changes.